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just some facts…

  • grew up in Klagenfurt / Austria as a kid of the 80′s.
  • Father is a music-teacher, musical instruments were all around.
  • Started playing the piano, drums and guitar in the early years and was brought to real guitar playing by good friend Markus!
  • Has done several music schools, including classical training and holds a degree in jazz/pop from the conservatoire in Graz.
  • had a crucial experience in 2005: Thomas Leeb’s workshop! from now on heavily influenced by acoustic fingerstyle music…
  • has shared the stage with greats like Tommy Emmanuel,  Andy McKee, Don Ross, Thomas Leeb, Sungha Jung, Alex de Grassi
  • endorses Furch guitars from Czech Republic since 2008. (Frankfurt Messe, Nashville Tennesse)
  • has played the electric guitar on the comeback tour with David Hasselhoff in 2011 & 2013.
  • holds a degree in human medicine (2010) and is working as a doctor.



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