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Sadepisara (from the Album Dawning)


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CD Dawning(2008) 1. Bee Fingers 2. Slababaska 3 . Minuet in Fingerstyle 4. Heads Up 5. Foxi 6. No Addiction 7. Dawning 8. Your Aire 9. Sadepisara 10. Homebox –> only less than 100 copies left of this album!




CD Worlds(2013) 1. Mexico 2. NUR 3. Files & Flies 4. Irish Statement 5. Worlds 6. I’m always here (Baywatch theme) 7. Little Jane 8. Diggin’ Deep 9. The Beauty in Between 10. Sunny 11. Symohonie 12. Tumbling 13. Second Season



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Transcription Set No.1:

Minuet in Fingerstyle



Transcription Set No.2:

The Beauty in Between

Irish Statement


Transcription Set 1 & 2 include the three pieces in MP3 format and the Tablatures (Standard Notation + Guitar Tabs in PDF Format) please allow up to 24 hours for email-delivery, the files will be personalized to each customer in order to prevent unauthorized copying.

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“you say, we play !” whatever you’re up to learn, we’ll try and figure it out. please use the contact form to get in touch. Skype-Info 
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