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NYC-Gig together with Kyle Horn

it was a good evening at the Astoria Bake Shop on Feb. 19th 2016  together with guitar buddy Kyle Horn, who set up this evening concert. Both of us played a full set and a few, yet “New York people” came

  • review from minor 7th !

    very excited about this one: (scroll down a bit for the review) many thanks to Alan Fark & his team for their determined mission on acoustic guitar music!

  • BOOM BOOM – the Logarhythm

    ever since I got my stomp-box in april from MR.Howard Bragen  i’ve been adding more & more BASS / BOOM ! to my playing with my left foot. this in combination with the OC-3 octave pedal from BOSS leaves no

  • Sept./Oct. Ausgabe WORLDS 2013 (german)

    aktuelles Review in der Akustik – Gitarre, Deutschlands größtem Fachmagazin für Akustik-Gitarre: (klicken zum Vergrößern)

  • night & day

    after a pleasant summer with both solo- and band concerts (including 2 more shows with D.Hasselhoff) i’m now back as an intern/junior doctor working at the hospital near Graz, literally running through different wards at night & day on the

  • homepage update! more information/content coming soon

    we’ve just moved here

  • NEW ALBUM –> Worlds 2013

    unwrapped and still burning: proudly presenting my NEW ALBUM –>WORLDS! contains 13 tracks for fingerstyle guitar & is available via info (at), Price 15€ plus shipping. WORLDS will be available on most i-net platforms soon.